Live from NCS it’s Saturday Night!


In case you didn’t know about it, or just forgot, Celebrate the Child went off without a hitch. This year’s theme was once again Saturday Night Live, and was hosted by none other than myself, Hendrick Shelton, and High School Football Coach Jeff Brothers. The two of us duked it out in a contest to see who knew more about SNL while also trying to figure out who’s the better host.

We duked it out with the best SNL references we could muster, and let me just say Coach Brothers put up quite the fight. I used the tactic of Two Wild and crazy Guys, with my buddy Jack forte, but it was met by Coach’s Hans and Franz, aided by Joey Hendricks. It wasn’t until I used Church lady and Mary Catherine Gallagher, played by Mrs. McWright, that I got the upper hand on coach.

I seemed to have it in the bag until Coach Brothers challenged me to a Lip Sync Battle, and boy did I have my work cut out for me! I mean did anybody really know Coach Brothers could dance that well? I know I didn’t see that coming!

I’d like to think that I rocked the house with Pour Some Sugar by Def Leopard, while Coach Brothers held his own with Good to Be Alive by Andy Grammar. We decided to make a truce because the show, after all, was for the kids. You can decide who the real winner is by watching it for yourself in the link below!


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