NCS Volleyball Starts off Strong

The Lady Eagles Volleyball team huddle up before the start of their match against Mount Juliet Christian Academy.

The Nashville Christian Lady Eagles volleyball team officially started their season by crushing DCA on August 14, 2017. So far the ladies are 3 of 4, and are planning to continue with their wins.

They started their home games this week on Monday August 21, 2017, and there was an incredible turnout. The crowds were loud and proud and supported the ladies throughout the JV and varsity games. Both home games were won by JV and varsity.

“Despite them being a new team, they are really showing a lot of potential and talent,” said Chloe Leung, junior.

The team is really pushing through and getting ready for a difficult season. They started out with a lot of new new players who had barely played before and Coach Kayce Green really pushed them to their fullest abilities.

“I’m excited for this season and all the new freshman. We have a lot of potential that is quickly being shown on the court. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season goes,” said Allie Hunter, junior.

From a viewer’s perspective, many people were sceptical about the team. People worried about how far the girls could push themselves and how they were going to play.

Boy, were people wrong. Coach Kayce Green knows how to train these girls to become volleyball machines. Setter Chloe Leung and outside hitter Mackenzie Pulse showed great talent in the varsity games, pushing the ball to spots that could not be covered by the other team. Hailey Hackett, freshman, was a star player on the JV team, showing her spot serves were a key to winning. These girls really shocked the crowd with their talent and changed some opinions of their team.

“I’m super excited for this season for the girls! They’re doing really well and I hope I can come to more games,” said Camille Jones, junior.

Join the lady eagles volleyball team next week for their games against University School of Nashville on Monday August 28, 2017, and Good Pasture on Tuesday August 29, 2017.

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