Surviving Junior Year with Jordan Williams


NCS junior Jordan Williams

Junior year of high school is notorious for its difficulty for students. This is especially true for students on the honors and scholars track who need to take more rigorous courses. I decided to follow the day of one of our juniors, Jordan Williams, who represents students on the scholar’s track.

Jordan starts his day by waking up at 6 a.m. He gets to school an hour later at 7. Jordan told me, “When I get to school, I sit in the commons area and talk to my friends. Sometimes I find myself in Ms. Shivers class asking about last night’s homework assignments.”

Jordan’s hardest class is a tie between AP United States History and AP Physics. “AP Physics is very challenging, it takes me about 2 hours to finish [the homework]. It takes a lot of time, but I think it’s worth it for my GPA.”

Jordan said, “AP US History is whole different vibe. Our day in APUSH usually starts off with 3 ten page packets and then Ms. Robinson is due on a date you think you can put off, but if you put if off, it will be way more work for you in the end. When I study for APUSH, I look at the book and read through the chapters again. It usually takes me about an hour and thirty minutes to read the chapter, but that depends on how easy it is to grasp the information. In total it takes me two hours to finish the homework. It only takes me that long because I stop and look at my phone though.”

Jordan said, “My junior year, I would say has so far, has been the most challenging year of high school. I hope that I can find the determination to keep up my good studying habits. They [My other classes] probably make up like, 2% of what I have to do. APUSH and AP Physics probably make up like 98%.”

Jordan offered some advice to students wanting to do better: “If something isn’t due next, don’t say ‘Imma do it tomorrow’ because something will come up to take up the time you put aside to get that work done. Just don’t put things off.” The advice we can learn from Jordan here is to simply not procrastinate and be responsible about your work. Hopefully Jordan and the rest of our junior class takes this advice to heart.

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