The Eagles Prey On The Wolves

The Eagles were looking for their 5th straight win last Friday against Rossville. It was a dominant performance for the Eagles in front of their fans for homecoming. The scoring started off quick as the end of first quarter it was 35-0, and they didn’t stop there as the final score was 55-14.

This was a good game for the Eagles as some more players got more playing time and more game experience. Even the 8th graders got some playing time and running back Mikeece Jones (8th) scored a touchdown. 8th played mostly the second half and looked excited to be out there.

For the starters it a great performance for offense and defense. The Eagles’ defense recorded 5 sacks and 10 tackles for loss. The Eagles did struggle to get the passing game going though with only 35 passing yards, Kinnard went 1 for 4, 12 yards. But the running game was good as usual. Xavier Myers (11th) had 7 carries for 192 yards and 4 TD’s. Mikeece Jones (8th) had 3 carries for 58 yards and a TD.

This week for the Eagles is a bye week. But Friday Oct. 13 might be the biggest game of the year. The Eagles will play the undefeated Davidson Academy Bears. Davidson is 6-0 overall 3-0 in the district and ranked 85th in the state. The Eagles defense will have to prepare for star running back for Davidson, Da’joun Hewitt. Hewitt has 1157 rushing yards this year, averaging 192 a game.

The Eagles will have home field advantage for this huge game. This a big thing for the Eagles to get a early score to get the crowd in the game and take the momentum away from the Bears. The team is excited for the game, knowing this game might for the district and the region.  


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