Soccer Week Recap

Last week the Eagles soccer team started their season out. The first game was against Harpeth, on March 20th—the first day of spring but felt like it was winter. The game conditions were rough for the Eagles as it was raining and snowing and the Eagles struggled to get the offense going and some keys player were out for the team.  The team lost 0-9.

Coach Williams did some adjustments on Wednesday in the team meeting to breakdown the performance and make some changes with the defense to protect the zone. Coach also said they needed to communicate better on the field and also to take more shots at the goal.

Jordan Williams talking about the adjustments said, “We need to play better defense and get some shots at the net.”

On Thursday, March 22 the Eagles traveled to Antioch, TN to play Ezell Harding. The team started off slow going down 2-0 but the Eagles scored their first goal of the year. Zach Clark got the first goal for the Eagles, and they got the offense going for the team. As the team came right back and scored, William Spence got the second goal for the Eagles. But Ezell had some talented seniors on there team and got the win 6-2.

Cavin Phung said about the Ezell Harding game, “We played with more confidence and played better defense and got some goals.

The Eagles are showing a lot of improvement from the first game. The Eagles are developing confidence and chemistry as the season goes on. The Eagles had back to back games this week—March 26 vs Springfield and March 27 vs McEwen.

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