Building On Our Block Schedule

Nashville Christian School is back in business for the 2018-2019 school year. Students, teachers, and faculty, ready to smoothly get back into the groove of things, have been hit with new changes to the schedule, altering the daily life in the school.

The block schedule is organized to split classes into longer periods of time, requiring the class to meet fewer times a week. NCS has made changes to their traditional schedule of 8 periods per day by splitting classes into 4 periods per day, all lasting around an hour and a half. The constant changes in the schedule differ day by day.  

Mrs. Leslie Dahl, High School administrative assistant at NCS, said, “The block schedule is positive because it has given students more instruction time and opportunity for students to ask questions to their teachers.”

Not only do students get more time in class, but students have also been given more time outside of the classroom and at home to complete assignments before their due date. 

Senior Abby Shivers said, “The block schedule is beneficial because I have more than one day to do all of my work. I like it because it mimics how college is going to be and helps me prepare for it better.”

According to Mrs. Amy Payne, High School math teacher, she also enjoys the fact that students get more work time.

Payne said, “I really like block schedule because it gives students the extra day to get assignments completed. Students also have an extra credit every year and can take an elective class that interests them that they may not have been able to take before.”

Based on the opinions given by people in the Nashville Christian family, the block schedule has been a positive change for the high school. Looks like NCS is building off of this new schedule for a wonderful year.

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