Get To Know Karen Shivers

Karen Shivers is a high school math teacher at Nashville Christian. She has had two children attend NCS, Maggie Shivers who is currently at Middle Tennessee State University, and Abby Shivers, a senior in the graduating class of 2019. Ms. Shivers currently teaches Pre Calculus, Dual Enrollment Pre Calculus, AP Calculus, AP Physics, and Algebra 2.  After a brief interview with Ms. Shivers, we learned more about her life at NCS and her journey that led her into this campus-wide family.


Tell me about your experience with Nashville Christian School. What brought you here?

My niece went here to school here. We came to graduation and thought why aren’t we we placing our kids here now. We were going to move the girls from their previous school when they were in middle school, so why wait? There happened to be a math opening and I interviewed.


What was life like in high school for you?

I was a math nerd. I was involved in something called Junior Achievement where I received national scholarships. I babysat and worked at McDonalds.


What were your plans after high school? How was college and where did you go?

I attended UT Knoxville for engineering which I planned on doing. I planned on being an engineer, and I was for about 10 years. I had children and became a stay at home mom for 8 years, then I began teaching.


Tell me about your hobbies or responsibilities outside of school.

I like to read and be outside. I like to make stuff, but I do not ever have a chance to. Hands-on stuff is what I enjoy. I really, really like to travel.


What is your favorite aspect of Nashville Christian School?

The family atmosphere. The people that I work with, and the kids that go here. I really enjoy it.


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