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The Scoop on Lululemon

Lululemon was founded by snowboarding and surfer enthusiast, Chip Wilson in Vancouver, Canada in 1998. The first store was originally a clothing design studio during the day and a yoga studio at night. Their vision for Lululemon was for it to be a place where you don’t just go to sweat but for it to be a place where you learn about and talk about the physical and mental aspects of living a happy healthy life.

Their original athletic clothing brand designs were for yoga for women. Over a period of a few months they had people from guests, ambassadors, and elite athletes they now design their products for yoga, running, cycling, and training for any other sweaty purposes.

In order Lululemon to be able to keep their vision, they have many rules (some weird ones) to work there. You have to be 18 years old to work at Lululemon. They do a drug test to make sure you are living a healthy life. You have to refer to the ideal customer as “ocean”. You have to attend lectures on willpower to make sure you have a strong mindset. You have to work out and live by a strict healthy diet. If you don’t do yoga you are excommunicated because the main purpose of the store is yoga.

From pants up to their headbands are made of luon which is a primary fabric found in many athletic stores. Luon is made of 86 percent nylon and 14 percent Lycra. It’s an important part of Lululemon’s “secret sauce”. The fabric is also preshrunk, stretchy, and wicks away moisture from your body when you sweat. Lycra ensures that the fabric will never “stretch or bag out,” while the nylon provides coverage. The fabrics Lululemon uses have more quality and that is why people are willing to spend so much money on them.

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