Asking A Senior Which Teachers Were Influential To Him Throughout His Years Of High School

Being a senior at NCS I am truly relieved and saddened by the realization that my time in high school is coming to an end. It has been an amazing time with a lot of close friends and amazing teachers. While I do have my own favorite teachers from each of my four years of high school I wanted to ask a close friend which teachers he considers the most influential each of his four years of high school.

I then asked my friend Michael McCulla (senior) who he thought were his favorite teachers during high school and he gave me very interesting and respectable answers. While he was definitely split amongst who was his favorite throughout each year, I told him to say the first one that came to his mind. We both realize that all of our teachers have been extremely influential and our favorites in their own special way.  

Freshman Year- “Ms. Brian, I have never been interested in English until I took Ms. Brian’s class. She has many of the same interests as me and she appreciates Eminem as much as I do.” – Michael McCulla

Sophomore Year- “Dr. Vore, I have also never enjoyed science until his class, his experiments were tacky and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I remember putting sodium, in water and it exploded which very cool.” – Michael McCulla

Junior Year- “Mr. Carlucci, I have always been interested in his Vietnam stories. He also has interesting stories from his time in the military. History has been my favorite subject ever since that class.” – Michael McCulla

Senior Year- “Mr. Atkins, He is my favorite senior teacher because I really enjoyed reading Beowulf and other works of literature in his class this year. He is also a very funny man who I enjoy having as a teacher.” – Michael McCulla

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