Student Life

College Signing Day

As you may know, May 1st is a national signing day across the country, and if you don’t, you might be asking, “What is college signing day?” Well, college signing is a day in which seniors all across the country tell colleges where they plan to attend in the fall. This helps colleges know which students are either accepting and attending at that college in the fall or whether they have decided to go elsewhere. After knowing this you might ask, “Well why does it have to be May 1st?” May   1st is the chosen deadline by colleges for students to choose with the school they will attend. The reason being is that students have plenty of time to tour, research, and decide where they will go.

Nashville Christian School has participated in National College Signing Day for many years. On May 1st, seniors are able to wear either a sweatshirt or shirt from the college that they plan to attend. During school hours, all the lower classmen gather in the gym to hear and watch the seniors commit to the college of their choice. The seniors are given a paper that requires them to sign their name saying that they plan to attend whatever college they chose in the fall. After completing that they turn to the audience (lower classmen and teachers) and announce where they are going and what major they are taking. Having completed that the seniors then take a group photo with the whole graduating class. Lastly, the seniors celebrate by enjoying cake, which was provided from the school as a “congrats you did it” treat.


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