Missing Out Because of Quarantine

People are missing out on things all around the world because of the COVID-19 quarantine. People need to stay safe at home and social distance as much as possible. Because of social distancing and having to stay home people will be missing out on many things. Everyone has been affected in some way because of COVID-19. Everyone needs to take as many precautions as possible to stay safe and to help restart our economy. Some things to consider to stay safe: wash your hands, wear a cloth mask, social distance, clean your work area or house, wear gloves, etc. Here are five things that many people have missed out on because of quarantine.

  1. Sports: Not only has all school sports been canceled this spring, but also travel sports, the NBA, Olympics (delayed), etc. This has especially affected Seniors in many ways including not being able to play their last year for their favorite sport. Seasons have ended and anything that has been planned for spring has either been canceled or delayed.
  2. Graduation: Every year at the end of the school year, the Seniors leave to go to college. This event is very important to parents, grandparents, students, and teachers. Students go through school and when they are finally able to leave and go to college they graduate. This year because of COVID-19 students won’t be able to attend their graduation event. Parents raise their kids and dread the day they graduate but still wait to see that day. This is one of the most important days someone can have. Graduation will probably be delayed but it won’t be the same.
  3. School: Schools all around the world have been shut down because of COVID-19 and the government wants us to stay at home safely. It is considered best if we social distance because you can’t catch the virus if you are not around anyone who has it. This is why schools have been shut down and are now online for some people.
  4. Prom: Prom is very important to Juniors and Seniors because they get to take a date to one of their biggest school events. You typically take your date to dinner before prom and then go to an after-party after prom. It is supposed to be a fun night especially when the girls get a beautiful prom dress. Prom has been canceled for schools and Seniors will not be able to attend to their Senior prom.
  5. Easter: Easter is an important day for all Christians all around the world because that is the day that Jesus was resurrected. Every year girls get a nice Easter dress and boys wear a nice Easter outfit to go to Church in. Because of quarantine, some people were not able to attend Church service on Easter. Instead, some Churches did an online service and continue to do an online service every Sunday for Church.

There are many more things that people have missed out on because of COVID-19, but these are the most common and known things. Everyone needs social distance as much as possible, and take as many precautions possible in order to stay safe. Things have changed for everyone in some way, and we are adapting to the changes.

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