If You Could Teach a Different Subject What Would it be and Why?

Below are the responses to the question I asked NCS high school teachers, “If you could teach a different subject what would it be and why?”.

Dr.Vore, a Science instructor specializing in biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, etc., states, “If I could teach a different subject (besides the sciences: biology, physics, anatomy, chemistry, forensics, etc.), I would teach Biblical studies.  I have done this for decades at all levels, and thoroughly enjoy bringing the Bible to life for others.  (And I can combine it with science to give a deeper understanding of both.)”

Mrs.Baker, a Spanish teacher says, “If I could teach any other subject, I would love to teach Latin/Roman History. Latin and Roman History have always been two subjects that are near and dear to my heart and serve as the foundation for my personal journey with becoming a world languages teacher. I would like to be able to give students the same opportunity I did as a middle and upper school student to discover more about the foundations of modern language as we know it while also learning more about Roman society as a way to better understand Biblical history as well as the influence it had on our culture as we know it.”

Mrs.Harper, an English teacher reads, “I would love to teach history or biology! I could never match Ms. Sholl or Mr. C, but I love history.  And, I have a background in Biology.”

Ms.Sholl, a History teacher expresses, “I would teach yearbook or journalism. I was editor-in-chief of our yearbook in high school and did all the yearbook camps and workshops throughout the year. I loved the creativity of the yearbook and the competitiveness of trying to produce award-winning books!”

Mrs.Payne, a Math teacher states, “If I could teach another subject, I would be a gym teacher, because why would I not want to wear sweats all day!?”

Mrs.Lowe, a Spanish teacher reads, “If I were to teach a subject other than Spanish, I would love to teach the graphic arts. I have a minor in graphic design, and I have continued to use the knowledge I gained from my studies for personal and professional projects. It requires a foundation in the visual arts, but it also incorporates problem-solving as you learn to create conceptual work to meet the need or problem presented. I think it would help students to learn to use their talents alongside other skills and critical thinking. Graphic Design is helpful in many careers, so I would love for students to have the opportunity to establish a knowledge of design and grow their technical skills so that they could build on them at the collegiate level if interested.”

Mr.Wright, a History teacher says, “If I could teach a different subject, I would love to teach physics or some sort of engineering course. I’ve always been fascinated with those subjects. The idea of figuring out why things work and making them work is also really fun.”

Mr.Atkins, an English teacher along with, Journalism, and Media and Broadcasting, says, “If I could teach another subject of my choice, I would probably go with history…like a medieval history class, or a class just about WW2. I would also enjoy teaching a film studies class.”

Mr.Harris, a Math teacher expresses, “I would really enjoy teaching some physical science classes like physics or chemistry. I love working with my hands so a class where we put into practice what we learn on paper would be a lot of fun for me. Another one would be an English/Composition class. While I might not be the best suited for it, I’ve always loved reading and writing. I would really enjoy diving deeper into some of the works that have had such an impact on me.”

Mr.McPherson, a Bible teacher states,”American History. I love old photos, relics, and sites of America’s past. Plus, I’ve been an American for most of my life. I would also have my students draw individual art panels of key American history events, as they have done in my bible classroom.”

Ms.Bryan, an English teacher reads, “I would love to teach history. That was actually my minor in college. I enjoy learning about what came before us and how it affects us now.”

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