Students’ plans for summer

Below are some of the students’ plans for summer:

“I am going to the Bahamas and getting ready for college”- Macey Paszek

“I will be going to the river and volleyball practices every week”- Kali Davidson

“Traveling, hanging with friends, enjoying time with friends before we move away”- Sophie Petring

“I will be going to universal with my dad”- Mallory Vineyard

“Play video games all day every day and visit my dad”- Mr.Atkins

“To watch the entire MCU all over again”- Bowen Grohovsky

“Work most of the time and hang with friends”- Gabe Tate

“Going to the beach and working”- Madison Turner

“A lot of football practice”- Skylar Drewry

“Probably go to Nashville Shores and get a summer job”- Jailynn Boone

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