Behind the Scenes- Frozen

Yes, I am aware that Frozen came out nine years ago! However, it’s a good movie, so let’s just get on with it!

  • “Frozen” had been an idea for a little over 70 years. The idea was around when “Snow White” first came out. They waited so long to release the movie because they didn’t really think the world was ready for something a bit more cynical than a fairy tale.”
  • Elsa was supposed to look completely different. Her hair was going to be blue, and she was apparently going to have a coat created from alive weasels! (Not really sure why they’d do that)
  • Anna and Elsa originally weren’t going to be sisters at all. Elsa was going to be a frightening snow queen, while Anna was going to be a peasant.
  • “Let It Go” changed the whole movie. Elsa’s song was supposed to be darker, but after they played “Let it Go”, they completely rewrote the script so that it made sense within the movie.
  • “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” almost didn’t make it in the film. They added the song into the movie at the very last minute.
  • The animators traveled to Jackson Hole, Wyoming so they could observe snow and get an idea of how they were going to animate it.
  • Snowflakes have six sides. This fact helped inspire animators create a concept for Elsa’s ice castle, which also branches out in sixes.

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