Frozen Four Finale

by Amanda Breeden

Providence Wins First Ever NCAA Hockey Title

The TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, set the stage for the last Frozen Four game of 2015 as fans flooded the arena with Boston and Providence jerseys. The sounds of warm up music and skates against the ice filled the ears of the fans and workers (for the game and teams).

When the game started, it was what seemed to be a never-ending tie throughout the entire game. When Providence defenseman Tom Parisi tied the game 3-3, things got heated. Fans were in uproar, teams were cheering for their teammates on the ice, coaches tried to keep their cool throughout the game, and all kinds of chaos filled the entire stadium.

However, as the chaotic uproar of cheering from fans grew, Providence’s Brandon Tanev scored for the lead of 4-3 with a little over sixteen minutes left in the game. John Gilles, who stopped 49 shots between the winning shot and the end of the game, contributed to the game and held off Boston.

When the game ended, the Providence Friars gained their first ever NCAA Hockey Title as national champions.

“I think Providence deserved to win,” says Sophomore Maddie Spitzer. “Both teams made history that night so the actual game was fair play. However, Providence kept strong throughout the entire game and deserved credit.” Maddie is a Nashville Predators fan, but she wanted to be supportive of the teams that were in the final Frozen Four game.

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