10 Best: Disney Movies

10 bestby Catherine Tudor

  1. Toy Story: these movies taught us all about the value of friendship
  2. The Lion King: the shakespeare of disney, a story of maturity, responsibility, loss and family
  3. Tangled: with well-thought out characters, funny one liners, and catchy songs, a great family friendly movie
  4. Finding Nemo: teaching us to always listen to our parent because all they want to do is keep us safe
  5. The Incredibles: Family is everything and always comes first
  6. Beauty and the Beast: teaching us that its whats on the inside that counts and things aren’t always what they seem
  7. Mulan: taking a stand for what your believe in and showing girls that they can do exactly what men can do
  8. Into the Woods: a great adaptation of the broadway musical with a more darker tone than disney usually portrays
  9. A Bug’s Life: a great movie that taught us about respect for others that may be different from the norm and always owing up to your mistakes.
  10. Remember the Titans: all about a small town overcoming racism and accepting differences, I dare you to watch this and not get a little emotional

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