It’s About That Time: Football Players Start Up Spring Workouts

IMG_4832by Amanda Breeden

Spring is finally approaching the state of Tennessee and that can mean several things, but one thing in particular stands out to certain students attending Nashville Christian: spring workouts for football. Ever since the final game for the Eagles ended, players have been anxiously awaiting the day for football to start up again. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors have been “resting” from another successful season of football; but the time has come for prepping for another amazing season of football for the upcoming school year.

“Expectations are high,” says head football coach and athletic director Jeff Brothers. “We have championship visions, of course, but we have visions of improving and having another successful season.”

In addition to getting ready physically, the team will soon have new leaders. Coach Brothers explained how that works, saying, “As far as leadership goes, the team votes at the end of the summer who leads the team throughout wins, loses, and in general for the season. But really and truly I look at the upcoming senior class as leaders. They all have strong leadership ability, but we’ll have a definite decision at the end of the summer.”

As far as what the players think or feel, it’s generally excitement filling their spirits as well as their hearts. There are a lot of expectations to be fulfilled, but players seem to think those expectations can be realized.

“I think as individuals, we need to focus on getting stronger and faster so that can make us better as a team and take us to state,” says junior Gregory Williams. “I think that as we come closer to the upcoming season, it will be harder since we have new competitors and what not. However, we’ll be successful. As far as leadership, I have a feeling that my classmates and I will do a good job. We have a lot of potential, and I think we can come together to lead our team well.”

“I think that even though we have a tough schedule and new competition, we’ll try our very best to get to state,” says sophomore Andrew Sullivan. “Since we’ve been doing really well for the past three years, a lot of teams are going to be watching us or looking out for us. I mean we’ve gone to semi-finals (or sub-state) for three years in a row. When it comes to leadership, I think the upcoming senior class has the potential to lead us to districts, semifinals/sub-state for the fourth year in a row, and to state.”

“Individually, everyone needs to stay focused in the classroom, but as a team we need to prepare for the ‘new’ competitors on the upcoming Friday nights,” says rising sophomore Daniel Watson. “I’m not really sure how the upcoming season will go, however I know that we will do the best of our abilities to make this season another awesome season. Also, I think that we have the good leaders in the upcoming senior class that we need to lead us to state. They have the potential, but as teammates we need to show them and each other respect, trust, and forgiveness whenever one of us makes a mistake.”

“For the upcoming senior class leading the team next year/season, I think they’ll be good,” says upcoming Ole Miss Rebel Alex Givens. “Since my class has done its part in leading this year, I think the upcoming leaders have a little more motivation to do well in games and practices compared to my class. My advice to them is to not take senior class ‘too seriously’. Just make sure you enjoy your last year in high school and just have fun with it.”

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