Pop Culture

Throwback Thursday: Favorite Childhood Toys

by Catherine Tudor

1. The Skip It– A thing that you put around your ankle and swing around while jumping over it.

2. GameBoy– The first handheld gaming system, which many people played Pokemon on it.

3. Bop It– An audio game in which you follow a series of commands to avoid losing.

4. Tamagotchi– A handheld digital pet that you tried to keep alive by feeding and playing with it.

5. Pretty Pretty Princess– A board game in which the goal was to get earrings, necklace, ring, bracelet, and the crown before everyone else.

6. Moon Shoes– You put them on your feet, and jump up and you feel like there’s no gravity.

7. Moon Sand– Sand that you can mold and shape into different things.

8. The 3D View Master– You put slides into it and were able to view the pictures through the eye holes.

9. HipClips– An early version of the iPod, you wore it on your hip and were able to listen to the same song.

10. Lite Brite– You would put colored plastic pegs into a board and watch them light up.

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