Memphis in May

by Quinton Clonce

During this past weekend I went to Memphis in May on Beale Street, it was really interesting to see all those people from other countries come together to enjoy music. But when some lady takes off her bra and throws it at Cage the Elephant, we might need to chill.

This weekend I got to see a good example of what happens when you turn people loose in a concert and don’t do proper checks for illegal substances.

I think it goes without saying that there was definitely a lingering smell, and more than a few people face-planted in the mud. One girl fell twice. There was a huge amount of smoking and drinking, but at the same time there was a huge amount of people against smoking and drinking, so there was a bit of a clash between the two.

Other than that, the music was fantastic. Between Elle King, Ed Sheeren, Cage the Elephant, Kaiser Chiefs, and even Slash, there was music for everybody. Imagine a carnival with music instead of rides. Overall, I’m happy I went, and I don’t expect to forget about it anytime soon.

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