JV To Play First Game


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Warm days, fallen leaves, and clear skies represent the start of these fall days.  Nashville Christian High School boys suit up for football practice, the sport they’ve been waiting for all summer. In the south, as the saying goes, there are two seasons. Football season and waiting for football season.

Even though everyone wanted to play Friday Night Lights against White House Heritage, not everyone got the chance to. Since the football team doesn’t have tryouts, most boys just simply have to have a physical in order to play. Therefore, a lot of boys are on the team. Because of this the team is divided into JV and Varsity.

Varsity players are the stars. They’re the ones that play on Friday and get their names in the paper. They wear blue jerseys at practice.

JV players are usually the forgotten ones. It consists of underclassmen, ineligible players due to transferring schools, and less talented players. They wear the white jerseys and usually serve as a “scout team” at practice.

However, this upcoming Monday JV players will get their chance to shine in a game, which will be the first out of the five games scheduled for JV players. One ineligible sophomore really excited about the upcoming JV game says, “ I’m ready to play.”  This is the feelings that most guys have that are on JV.

Coach Montgomery, though, sees things differently. “JV is a way for guys that don’t play much to get out there have fun and learn more about football. It’s a way for them to get ready for next year,” he says.

Many of these JV players have seen action though. In the team’s first game versus Red Boiling Springs almost all the eligible players got playing time, including JV due to the blowout at the half. But when the team faces better opponents like White House Heritage this past Friday most JV players won’t even see the field. The best they can do to be part of the team is contribute as a member of a scout team at practice..

Coach Brothers says, “Our scout team makes our team better. We need them in order to prepare for our opponents that we face on Friday. They contribute to the team as much as anyone else”.

So while varsity practices on Monday the JV team will be traveling a hour away to face Middle Tennessee Christian School at 7 pm.