4 Things to Help You Survive School

4 ThingsBreaks– Winter, spring, summer, and fall. These things will save your life in the outcome of the school year. If you think about it, you spend every day going from class to class, and you just get tired of it. That’s where these bad boys come in: they relieve some of the stress and tiredness of school. It gives you time to unwind, but it’s a pain when you have to go back.

Doing homework- Whether it is two weeks before, or the day of, you do not want to be caught dead without your homework. It’s the key to passing high school. If you don’t want to pass you can just skip this step, but at the same time would you really be able to get through the school year?

Gum- If you have gum you are the entrepreneur of your grade. See, gum is an illegal thing for classes and if something is illegal it means there are those badies who just have to have it. I promise you that if you continually pass out gum, your name will get around, and you will be known.

Study hall- These bad boys will save your life. Take that time to relax and release all the pain of the day. Sure your parents think you’re doing homework, but it’s really good to just chill and then when you get home you can do your homework.

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