Student Life

Homecoming: It Has Arrived

IMG_9166With Homecoming starting up, the Nashville Christian Student Government is working hard to get everything in order. Working on banners, discussing dress up days for each grade, and overall organizing what to do for the week of Homecoming. On top of all that, the Homecoming game is on Friday. Students, the student government, and even faculty are anxiously awaiting for Homecoming to start to see all of the crazy things everyone is going to come up with to take their class to victory of the 2015-2016 Nashville Christian Homecoming.

 “It’s actually not difficult at all,” said student government president Nate Hargrove. “I mean we already have everything set for the classes, and all of the officers are working together (including us) and it’s going pretty smooth right now.”

With all the fun, of course, comes a little bit of stress mixed in. Officers try to host classwide meetings and discuss with their peers of what they want to do as far as games and things of that.

“For me, being in junior year and all, it’s stressful,” said junior class president Noah Schurman. “We want to have fun with this and I want my classmates to have fun with this as well. We made sure that all of us agreed on something that each class will love participating in and that people can be creative with. We especially made sure to take out the boring days, like the ones we do every year,  and try something we either haven’t done in awhile or something totally new to us. We’re doing our absolute best to get our classmates and each other hype for this year’s Homecoming week and just have a blast with it. I think we’ll have a really good Homecoming this year compared to the ones in the past.“  

“I think this year’s Homecoming will be pretty cool,” said sophomore class president Will Irwin. “It was kind of difficult to plan the days for Homecoming since we have limits on what we can and can’t do and we have to come up with themes for the days that people will participate in. But overall, I think the Homecoming week for this school year will be pretty fun for everyone.”

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