Red Cross

IMG_0751Twice a year the Red Cross comes to Nashville Christian to give the students, parents, and teachers an opportunity to save three lives. This year that opportunity is right around the corner on October 27th, this coming Tuesday. This is the first year Nashville Christian has had an official Red Cross Club to plan this drive. From planning blood drives, to coming up with disaster plans to help the Nashville Christian community during times of need, the Red Cross Club is hard at work.

Giving blood is a great opportunity for many reasons. Ever two seconds someone needs blood and with just one donation you can save three lives. With three donations students get a red cord to wear for graduation to show that they have participated in the drive for three or more times. If you are not 16 and older, make the height and weight requirements, or just can’t give blood you can always recruit people to do it. If you do make all those requirements, recruit 5 people, and have 8 hours of service helping plan the blood drive or working it you get a great letter of recommendation from the Red Cross for colleges. Those perks are great but there is a greater reward behind the incentives.

“The true reward is being able to serve others and getting to feel the joy from knowing that you are helping people,” said president of the Red Cross Club Bailey Knerr.

If you are interested in signing up or just want more information about this upcoming blood drive or just Red Cross in general you can contact Bailey Knerr at This opportunity can really change someone’s life so please sign up if you want to make a difference.


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