Student Life

Middle School Spirit Week

by Emma Butler, Will Goodson, Ally Grace Greenlee, Mackenzie Pulse


IMG_5797Have you ever had kids diving on the gym floor forming letters, forming a giant wave, and coming to school in their tackiest outfits? Well, that’s Nashville Christian’s Middle School Spirit Week. The week of February 1st through 5th was a blast! Students dressed up each day in different outfits according to theme. Every afternoon all middle school students would go to the gym for a loud, fun-filled pep rally. This was all leading up to 8th grade night at the Friday night game against Poplar Grove.

Joey Spann, the middle school girls’ basketball coach, was in charge of Spirit Week. He created the Flying Eagles, posters, “Rock the Gym” t-shirts, led the afternoon pep-rallies with all the middle school students, and formed the tunnel that both boys’ and girls’ basketball teams would run through. The Flying Eagles were five 7th and 8th grade boys who dove on the floor to form the word E-A-G-L-E-S.

The days of Spirit Week included: Monday-Pajama Day, Tuesday-Camo Day, Wednesday-Favorite Sports Team Day, Thursday-Tacky Day, and Friday-Spirit Day. It appeared as though Pajama Day or Spirit Day had the most participants. When asked what day he would add, Coach Spann replied, “Superhero Day, I would dress up as Superman, the tights and all.”

“I loved seeing all the orange shirts [on Spirit Day]. I would describe spirit week as awesome because everyone participated and had fun,” Coach Spann said. Two 8th grade girls were asked what they thought about spirit week and if they skipped any days. Amber Bishop replied, “I thought it was fun, and I skipped camo day because I don’t own any camo.” Karmen Drake commented, “My least favorite day was camo day, and I would want to add twin day because we all get along and it would be fun.” Spirit Week was a big success and led up to the win at the big game. We heard whispers in the hallways that the middle school is ready for next year’s Spirit Week.

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