The Cell Phone

As a teenager I know the bond with my phone. It’s something that you feel like you cannot live without. It’s always with you and does everything for you. But, some don’t understand how attached we are to it.

First, I know first hand I cannot fall asleep without my phone. I sleep with it and it’s the first thing I see when I wake up. It’s basically my best friend. Phones have become so large in our lives that almost everything is connected with it! You can pay with your phone, board a plane with your phone, and even unlock your car with your phone. We use our phones for everything and without them it’s like we are losing half of ourselves.

When parents tell millennials or a group is told to put their phone away it’s almost taken as an insult. It’s part of them and without it there’s a feeling of loss and disconnection. That is almost their lifeline. I think we should be less connected with our phones, don’t get me wrong, but after having my phone for 4 years it’s hard to put it away.

Second, Phones have everything we need. I know for myself I have all my social media, emails, dates, and so much more that’s sentimental on my phone. If I were to lose it I would be very upset.

While phones are becoming more and more attached to our lives we need to limit ourselves to what we do to not miss important things going on around. Make sure you spend time with your family and are emerged in what is going on. Make good decisions with your phone and stay positive!

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