The Newest Shows on Netflix

netflix logo

As we all know, Netflix is always juggling which TV shows to add and which TV shows to kick off the streaming site. A lot of the time, we’re distressed about all of the Netflix shows that eventually get booted. But that’s only to make room for some more beloved classic shows that everyone loves. Here’s a few shows and movies that have recently been added that you can finally watch on Netflix:


The Animaniacs (TV Show)

The Princess Bride (Movie)

How To Get Away With Murder – Season 2 (TV Show)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Movie)

Bob’s Burgers – Season 5 (TV Show)


At the same time, unfortunately, there are a handful of movies leaving (or have already left) Netflix:

101 Dalmatians (Movie)

M*A*S*H* (TV Show)

The Passion of the Christ (Movie)

Full Metal Jacket (Movie)

Ferris Bueller (Movie)

The Shining (Movie)


Be sure to watch everything you want on Netflix, before they possibly leave. Luckily, new shows will eventually be added, so don’t worry if your favorite show leaves the site!



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