Student Life

TSA Interview with Maddie Spitzer

What made you want to join TSA?

I want to go to technology/engineering career field, so I wanted to get involved in something that would benefit me and that I thought would be a lot of fun.

What kind of activities can you expect to participate in?

You can participate in any kind of activity that’s involved with math, science, technology, and engineering. There’s literally hundreds of stuff to choose from for you to do, so it would take awhile to list them all. But there’s something for everybody so there’s never such thing as boredom when going to our conferences.

Are there any major rules that you have to follow?

One of the main things they make sure they’re clear on is that TSA is super professional. You have to dress super nice, like wearing a dress and/or khakis and an official blazer. They take everything seriously and try to inform you to mean business. 

How many people typically participate in major events like Nationals or Regionals?

Regionals is the smallest conference, so there’s not really a lot to expect. I mean there’s a lot of people, but it’s not a super huge event like some of the other conferences. But in Nationals, you can expect well into thousands of people to show up.

When running for a state office position like State President, how long does the process usually take and why?

To be a state officer, you have to run for office and be elected. The process usually takes a couple of months with campaigning because you have to apply with a packet you have to fill out online and get approved or declined as to whether you get to run or not. If you get approved, you have to campaign, get letters of recommendation, and you have to have very good grades and maintain them throughout your time in TSA. Once inducted to that position, you’re in the position you hold it for one year. Then the process begins all over again.

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