Saying Farewell to the Senior Entertainers

On Sunday evening March 10th, the NCS high school Entertainers sang for the Charlotte Heights Church of Christ congregation after evening service. Singing several of their more well known songs they’ve sung, the Entertainers were a huge hit for the members at Charlotte Heights. Everyone from the preschool age group to all of the elders were impressed with the group’s singing skills and were happy that they came and sang for everyone. But, as we know, the month of April is already halfway through and the school year is almost done, meaning it’s almost time to say goodbye to the seniors. Seniors make up for just over half of the Entertainers group, but a group of next year’s freshmen will make up for the loss.

“My favorite thing about being a part of Entertainers was singing at the annual Christmas show. It was a lot of work, but it was always really fun!” Charles also mentioned, “The thing I’ll miss most about being an Entertainer is being able to sing an perform with the group. They’ve been a great group to be with and be a part of… we had a lot of fun times together. Newcomers should expect to have a lot of fun with the group, but at the same time they have to put in a lot of hard work and practice. It doesn’t come easy!”

Senior Hendrick Shelton, who is also one of the singers, delivered the lesson at church that evening. His brief lesson was about how following God’s word is like following the tune of music and if God used the app “Shazam” to look up your song, will it be a good song? Everyone loved his sermon, and everyone at the church can’t wait for the Entertainers to return to sing for everyone one day.

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