The Walking Dead: Comparing the Show to the Comics

Image result for comic book andrea compared to sasha

Sasha compared to Andrea

The Walking Dead TV series is based off the comic book series of the same title that is written by Robert Kirkman. However, the TV series does not follow the comics word for word. This is not an uncommon sight though. In the show, when they stray away from the comics too much they end up playing out the same events as in the comics but with different characters. This is not the only difference however.

There are many strange things that the show did with its characters to separate the show from the comics. First off, They changed the characters themselves. When the comics were made there was no such character as Daryl Dixon included in the story. The TV show added him in because they were so impressed by Norman Reedus’s audition that they made a new character for him to play. Another difference, the Carol we know from the TV series is nothing like she is in the comics. In the comics she is a young blonde woman, probably in her mid thirties, who ends up dying in the prison when she lets a walker bite her. However, she is not the only major change. The character of Sophia in the TV show was killed off in season two when the group finds out she was one of the walkers in Hershel’s barn. However, in the comics Sophia is still alive, unlike her mother, and has survived well past the events of Neagan. Another big difference is the character of Andrea. Andrea dies in the TV series in season three, but her comic book counter part is still alive and thrives as the best shot in the group and as Rick’s new wife. In the TV show her place is taken by Sasha and Michonne is Rick’s love interest.

A lot of deaths that take place in the show take place in the comics as well, but they are replaced by different characters.  For instance, the death of Bob. Bob was never in the comics, he was just there to take Dale’s place in death. Dale survives to see Gabriel’s church, in the comics, and he is the one taken by the cannibal’s to have his leg eaten in front of him. He later dies of the wounds just as Bob did.

There are so many more things to bring up, but those are the main differences. The TV show does a great job of portraying the comic book series and I am exited to see what they change next.


Image result for Sophia from the comics

Sophia in the Comics


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