Student Life

Where Students Like to Eat Near the School


Students at NCS are really lucky to have such a variety of places to eat for a high school. Seniors who go out every Friday tend to head toward Nashville West where there are many restaurants and fast food places to choose from.

Most students go to Sonic or Chick-fil-A because there pretty quick and they can get back to school with their food. But some students do head out to places like Red Robin or Buffalo Wild Wings. These are the most common and most recommended places to eat but there are other places like Blue Cost, Cracker barrel, Jim and Nicks, Logan’s Roadhouse, and most recently Outback.  There is also a Five Guys if your willing to head out a little farther.

Students who go out to eat after school tend to go to the places that take longer to get food out—so, basically not fast food places.

So, when it comes to eating out on Fridays during lunch, fast food is the safe and best bet, but if you go out after a game why not eat at the non fast food restaurants. Also, after asking some students around the school they seem to like getting fast food and bringing it back to the school.

There are also some students who just go home and make a sandwich or take a nap in bed or both. Judging from students’ experience Chick-fil-A is the most common place for students to go to for lunch.

“I ordered, turned for a few seconds for a table, turned back around, and there was my food. There that quick,” said one of the students who goes often. My experience from when I went for the first time, all I had done was get my drink and my food was already there.

Students here at NCS do have favorites, but if they ever get sick of the same thing then there are plenty of options.


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