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You rush around town to piece together the final details of the big day. Oh, no. Did I remember to book my hair appointment?? You panic, thinking something slipped your mind that will ruin the day you’ve been planning for the past 4 months. You get an alert on your phone, reminding you to go to the salon for your hair appointment tomorrow at 11, and you breathe a sigh of relief. Maybe everything will go right. Who cares about Murphy’s Law. This is prom we’re talking about.

If you’ve been paying attention to the buzzing noise of the hallways the past few weeks, then you’ve overheard students frantically planning for the big day, debating dress colors and hair styles and makeup looks. All the plans and stress paid off, though, because Banquet 2018 was a success.

“I went and got my hair and makeup done. That was really fun because I’ve never had someone else do my makeup before. It was a really cool experience and made prom-prep less stressful,”  said junior Emmie Kate Boucher.

The banquet went over well with the students. The Noah Liff Opera Center was dolled up in green for the theme “Into the Woods”. There was an archway at the entrance of the banquet that was perfect for pictures. Many students took advantage of this opportunity.

“The food was delicious. Those garlic mashed potatoes were so good. I shoveled them in. The junior class government did a beautiful job planning it; it was really well organized. I loved the archway! It was so pretty and matched the theme really well,” said junior Annmarie Alexander.

There was also a photo booth set up. Students and chaperones used it and the props provided to have a record of prom night.

“The pictures were a lot of fun. I got a goofy picture with Sydney where we pretended to argued. I liked the props they gave us,” said junior Joseph Dyer.

Mr. Collins spoke to the students after their dinner, telling them the importance of the friendships they have now and the ones they will make in the future as they leave high school. He teared up and so did some in the audience.

Overall, the prom was a hit! The food was raved over, the photo booth was popular, and the decorations set a wonderful tone to the evening. Banquet 2018 was one for the books.

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