If You Could be one of the Teachers for a Day, Who Would it be and Why?

  1. “Mrs. Dahl because she doesn’t have to speak in front of people and it’s quiet in the office.” ~ Lindsey Usry 11th
  2. “I would be Dr. Vore, especially on a Tuesday. In my opinion, he’s very smart, and funny, he’s got a loving wife and a beautiful family, and they all go to trivia on Tuesdays! the way he teaches is so fun, and I would love to see what it would be like to be in his shoes for a day.” ~Aubrianna Smith 11th
  3. “I would be Ms. Harper because she is super intelligent and wise.” ~Aubrey Page 10th
  4. ” I would be Coach Kayce because she is super funny and cracks good jokes” ~ Natalie Houston 9th
  5. “I’d be Coach Kayce so I could teach other people about theater” ~Madison Gupton 9th
  6. “I would probably be Ms. Bryan because English is one of my favorite subjects and I think it would be fun to teach.” ~Alexis Belfor 9th
  7. “Coach Shaw because it seems like he has a pretty chill day and seems easier than the other teachers.” ~ Brennan Vik 10th
  8. “I would be Coach Kayce cause everyone loves her and she’s super funny and has the best backstory and lives her life and she’s the cutest person and I love her.” ~ Hadley Draper 10th
  9. “If I could be a teacher for a day it would be Mrs. Harper because she has so much knowledge and wisdom on so many issues and situations and I admire that about her.” ~ Ethan Bledsoe 12th

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