Student Life

Service Day Places

Second Harvest Food Bank– 9th Grade

Chaperones: Catherine Lowe, Sarah Robinson, Shannon Thompson, Alan Binkley, and Martha Martin


Owl’s Hill– 9th & 10th Grade

Chaperones: Kayce Green, Karen Shivers, Ronnie Seigenthaler, Jerry Morrison, Steadman Bell, Justin King, Andrew Shaw, and Bill Miller


St. Luke’s– 11th Grade

Chaperones: Sharon Bartlett, Janet King, Darlete Bishop, and Linda Brown


Preston Taylor– 11th Grade

Chaperones: Erica DeLavergne, Stephanie Harper, Sharon Kinnard, and Tami Wilson


Charlotte Heights– 11th Grade

Chaperones: Brian Bishop, Kory Crow, and Rachel Bartlett


NCS/Preschool– 12th Grade

Chaperones: Jim Carlucci, Ben Williams, and Ryan McClary


Cheekwood– 12th Grade

Chaperones: Jeff Vore, Amy Payne, Cristin Bryan, and Ashley Page


The Bridge– 12th Grade

Chaperones: Kyle Anderson, Joey Spann, Robbie Lewis, Karen Whelan, and Connie Jo Shelton


The Meadows– Entertainers

Chaperones: Joey Boone and Lynette Carlucci


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