Which Teacher do you Appreciate and Why?

“Mrs.Harper because she teaches us things we will use in the future and also helps us prepare for college,” says junior Macy Wittbrodt

“Coach Kayce, because she always makes the people she is around feel loved and she is absolutely hilarious,” says junior Mackenzie Pulse

“Mrs.Hooper, because she brought me out of my shell,” says seventh-grader Annabella Sura

” Dr.Vore, because he is very patient with our class and is kind,” says freshman Rose Hamilton.

“Mrs.Harper, because she is really understanding and wanted people to succeed,” says senior Taylor Clonce.

“Jeff Brothers, because of his integrity, character, and leadership,” says Coach Anderson.

“Mrs.Payne, because she takes time to help me with math even though I don’t have her in class right now, ” says sophomore Ian Rogers

“Coach Bell, because he jumped in halfway through the year and worked hard for us,” says sophomore Olivia Martin.

“Mrs.Shivers, she helps me so much and is really patient with me and sweet,” says junior Brittany Lawless.

“Coach McPherson, because he is just really clever and nice to me. I also feel comfortable in his class,” says freshman Lauren Cummings.

“Mr.Crow, because he puts up with us. He allows us to be ourselves in ways we can’t in our other classes,” says senior Riley Griffin.

“Mrs.Carlucci, because she has helped me a lot with getting my grades up and she pushes me hard to succeed,” says senior Gavin Roche

“Mrs.Bryan, because she is down to earth and relates to me more,” says sophomore Abby Elmi

“Mr.Landry, because he is able to talk to us really well. We can discuss anything and that makes me feel comfortable in his class,” says junior Caleb Turner

“Mrs.D, because she teaches well and helps me learn Spanish a lot faster,” says Sophomore Giovanni Donegan

“Mr.Collins, because he is nice and calm. He truly seems like he cares about everybody,” says junior Emma Butler

“Mr.Green, because he understands and knows what it is like to be a student,” says sophomore Cade Sisemore

“Coach Sig, because he always encourages you to be better than you think you are,” says sophomore Trey Johnson

“Mrs.Hooper, we just enjoy her and she treats us like we are normal people. She doesn’t sugar coat anything and prepares us for high school,” says sixth grader Maddie Sullivan

“Mr.B, because he always makes his classes very exciting. He also lets us have brain breaks,” says sixth-grader Katherine Lacy

“Coach Rob, because she really takes the time to make sure the students in her class know the information. She also presents the learning material in a fun and challenging way. She always encourages us even when we fail,” says junior Caleb Tyson

“Coach Spann, because he is always there to help us in basketball, but also life in general. He always has a positive outlook,” says freshman Macey Paszek

“Mrs.Torrez, because I can always talk to her,” says junior Lindsey Usry

“Mr.Alan, because he is funny and always willing to help. Literally one of the most helpful people I know,” says junior Emily Batty

“Coach Rob, since she is closer to our age I feel like she understands us better and we are always able to relate with her,” says junior Catie Palmer

“Mrs.Lowe, She is so helpful with Spanish. I learned a lot this year from her. She is also a great person to talk to,” says junior Hope Llovel

“Mr.Morrison, he is funny and sarcastic, but in a good way, and also because I can relate to him,” says sophomore John Owen.

“Mr.Atkins, he gives us all the resources we need in his class. His class is always challenging but prepares us for college,” says Jordan Williams

“Mrs.Arnold, the theater program wouldn’t even exist or work without her,” says senior Tollie Boone

“Mr.Crow, because he always is willing to talk about our problems and help us deal with our stress,” Elmer Campos

“Mrs.Bartlett, I had her for two years in middle school, and I always have loved the way she could teach. I know she hated me and Emily’s junior beta, she will get the joke if she reads this,” says junior Leanna Batson

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