Successful Awards Day at NCS

Junior Amber Bishop accepts an award from Mrs. Janet King, the high school guidance counselor during the Academics Awards Day ceremony.

The annual academic awards day took place on Wednesday, May 8, 2019. Awards of all kinds were given to students of the upper school. The award categories included: honor roll all year, honor roll/principals list all year, principal’s list all year, perfect attendance, scholarship recognition, ACT/SAT score recognition and individual class award chosen by the teachers and staff. Students from 9th grade through 12th grade won awards of all kinds. One of those students was junior Caitlin Reeves. Reeves won a journalism award for best yearbook spreads and an honorary Bible award for Coach Spann’s Bible class.

“I was very shocked, actually, because I knew I wasn’t going to get any academic awards because of my concussion. So when I got to win awards, it made me feel like my hard work was recognized,” said Reeves.

Students were brought before other high school students, faculty, friends, and family to receive their well-deserved awards. Junior Amber Bishop won 3 awards: honor roll all year, perfect attendance, and persistence in AP US History.

“I was shocked because I am terrible at APUSH. So, I was not expecting to get any type of award for that class,” Bishop said.  

As a part of this special day, we had a first-time finalist for the national merit scholarship. Senior Abby Shivers placed as a commended scholar for her exceptional score on the SAT.

The 2018-2019 school year awards at NCS was a success. Although many students were recognized publicly, there are so many people who were not awarded that put in just as much hard work. Their private dedication was thanked by the faculty and staff. As we move on into the 2019-2020 year, we hope to have even more great achievements on display.

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