Student Life

How is Your Day

It was wonderful this has been a great day. If I had a choice I would do this day over again. – Dr.Vore

It was lovely cause I get to have another one. – Coach Bell

It was awesome and why not. – Mrs.Lowe

My day was great because it’s candle passing and I get to see my friends for the last time. – Caleb Tyson

My day has been a very very long day but I’m also feeling some mixed feelings since this is my last day of high school. -Tanner Goodman

It’s good because it’s the last full week. – Sara page

It was strange because I had to actually look nice today. – Kendall Mothershed

It is going good because it is Friday. – Quentin Flowers

My day is going well and I’m ready for summer break. – Elmer Campos

I am kind of stressed out about exams but I am just trying to get through it because summer will be here soon. -Bett Hoyt


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