What App Have You Been On the Most During COVID-19? Why?

  1. ” TikTok because I’m getting to learn new dances to keep me occupied or Snapchat so I can stay connected with my friends.” – Skylar Oliver 10th
  2. “Youtube because there are so many different things to watch and I never really get bored of it.” – Brock Hicks 12th
  3. “TikTok because it keeps me interested and keeps me busy learning dances” – Emily Campos 9th
  4. “Snapchat because it helps me stay in touch with my friends” – Kaitlyn Wiley 10th
  5. “Snapchat because I just been keeping in touch with a lot of my friends” -Jamel King 10th
  6. “Instagram because I like to see what other people are posting and there’s a lot of entertainment things on there and because I don’t really watch tv or read articles online I use it to get news about what is going on in the world” -Clayton Tiller 11th
  7. “TikTok because it is addicting and I have been on it for hours.” – Kali Davidson 9th
  8. “TikTok because it is fun to be on and interesting.” – Alexis Belfor 10th
  9. “Snapchat because of the new easter game on it.” – Emma Oberbreckling 10th
  10. “Netflix because it makes time go by quick.” – Maya Simmons 9th

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