Behind the Scenes- Spider-Man: No Way Home

For my birthday this previous week, I finally got to watch Spider-Man: No Way Home. I absolutely loved it. Because I thought it was such a great movie, I decided that I’d look up some of the behind the scenes and see how they made it. Also, SPOILERS, SO PLEASE WATCH THE MOVIE BEFORE READING!

  1. Starting off with a random one, but the movie was filmed in Georgia, where all the other Avenger movies are also filmed.
  2. Willem Dafoe had the role of Green Goblin, and he apparently intimidated the cast on set just trying to play his character. A lot of the crew said he was actually scary.
  3. One stunt that Tom Holland said was difficult to nail was when he, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield assembled on the Statue of Liberty. Holland was trying to make sure he could still be seen on camera, while including his iconic landing, while still making it different than the other Spider-Man’s.
  4. The actors coming back from previous movies wanted to stay true to their characters and didn’t really want to change them that much, which makes complete sense to me. I feel like people would be a little disappointed to see the characters acting different than from the way we already know them to be.

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