Student Life

Rain, Rain Go Away, NCS Has Banquet Today

by Catherine Tudor

IMG_5220As everyone gets ready for the night to begin, the nerves kick in. For the girls it was all about the hair and makeup, but for the guys, they had a relaxing day before they had to put their tuxes on later. Unfortunately, the weather forecast had predicted a 100% chance of rain for that day, so an umbrella was added to every couple’s car.

Couples started to arrive at the Nashville City Club around 5:30 and continued until around 6:45 when the senior walk started. After couples had arrived and made their way upstairs to the top floor, they proceeded to the left to have their picture taken by a professional photographer. These photos would be available to order after banquet had ended.

While waiting for banquet to officially begin, couples also had the opportunity to have their photos taken in a photo booth; they even received a little photo stub that said “Nashville Christian Banquet 2015”. At 6:45 pm, the senior were all lined up and ready to go for the senior walk, it was probably the shortest senior walk ever with just 17 seniors present.

Once the senior walk concluded, everyone was served dinner. Earlier in the week, students and faculty had the option of picking their entree and dessert; steak or chicken and cheesecake or pecan tart. Students had different opinions about the food, Senior Kaillee Galloway said, “ I didn’t like the food. I got steak and mine was cold and rubbery tasting”, while others like Senior Hannah Shope said, “I really enjoyed the chicken along with the mashed potatoes served with it, it had so much flavor, and honestly some of the steak was great too,”.

After dessert was served, the banquet speaker for the night stepped up. This year the seniors all voted and decided that faculty member from last year, Mrs. Paula Caruthers, would speak. Caruthers gave a heartfelt speech on the “Pitch Perfect Guide to Success in College”, which consisted of funny moments and commentary about staff at NCS. This was an especially special moment for the seniors who had Mrs. Caruthers for Biology freshman year.

Then the most important moment of the night happened, as every senior in the room anxiously waited for the announcement of prom king and queen. Ms. Harper announced Zac Varner and Evie Freeman as the 2015 prom king and queen. As shocked as we all were, we were so happy for them both, “I was very happy that Evie and Zac won. I felt like they were very deserving because they both are great leaders and represent what Nashville Christian stands for,” senior Kaillee Galloway said.

After the king and queen were announced, banquet ended and everyone was able to take pictures with all their friends. The senior class even got a group photo together. Overall, banquet was a success and a good way to start ending the year for the seniors.

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