by Quinton Clonce

So, recently a new “challenge” has popped up on the web, and this one is even more stupid than the cinnamon challenge. This new “thing” is the Kylie Jenner challenge, where somebody takes a small glass, puts their lips inside, and begins to suck, artificially stretching your lips to look more like Kylie Jenner (who has not gone under the knife for any artificial modifications).

Now, before you start to think “Wow, this sounds like it could be funny to trick my little brother or sister to do,” let me stop you. Before I even begin to talk about the health risks of doing something like this, I feel like I do need to let you know the end result looks ridiculous.

So, now for the health risks. Let’s start with an easy one: while it may seem improbable, the glass can—and has—broken while some people do this, leading to damage that can only be fixed by stitches. Also, how does significant pain, swelling and bruising sound? No? Well, then how about potential for scarring and a chance of permanent disfigurement?

Look, if you really want your lips to look bigger over-line your lips with lipliner or something. I mean, this challenge isn’t even for a good cause. With the ice bucket challenge at least you could be stupid for charity. Hopefully I’ve persuaded you against doing this and potentially messing up your face for life. Oh, and if you see any of your friends or siblings doing this, try to stop them.

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