The Bible Continues: A Review of the Miniseries

by Amanda Breeden

People all the time wonder what times in the Bible were like. Questions like, “What did the people look like?” and, “What did it feel like to be in the presence of Jesus?” constantly flood the minds of people. Well, the TV miniseries The Bible and A.D: The Bible Continues give perfect ideas for what times back then looked like. It gives replications of what Jesus and the apostles looked/acted like, and what the locations were like.

The latest of the miniseries, A.D: The Bible Continues, is about the miraculous resurrection of the Savior and how his people, the apostles, and the world reacted to his ascension into Heaven after suffering from the crucifixion.

After seeing some of the reviews for “A.D: The Bible Continues” from major critics at The New York Times, it’s infuriating to see that the critics find the miniseries “a false representation.” Do they honestly think that just because a miniseries that deals with religion instead of cars or modern immorality makes it seem like “a false representation”? The creators of the two miniseries are actually Christian—they go to church, and they know the stories in the Bible quite well.

It’s astounding to see, hear, or physically witness someone talk about how we as Christians need to set the example of being loving and kind to everyone, yet the people of Hollywood try to fabricate the religion by making shows that involve any kind of religion except Christianity. It’s not just Christians that can have bad days, because anyone (regardless of their religion) can have a bad day or just be mean/offensive to someone. It happens to everyone! It’s not our job as humans to judge other people. Even though people of all ages judge everyone at some point in their lives, or we get too caught up in certain situations that we forget to just let things happen, we’re not perfect. And just because we’re not perfect, doesn’t mean that you degrade a religion over it.

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