Ten Things To Expect Out Of Senior Year

by Catherine Tudor

Here’s some advice for all the future seniors out there:

  1. You WILL get senioritis, it is inevitable.
  2. If you chose to take AP Biology or Anatomy because you want to challenge yourself, you may die.
  3. Senior Hall will be a Godsend and your new best friend.
  4. Apply to college early, it’ll save you some stress.
  5. Expect to run out of good places to eat out by Christmas.
  6. You will learn things about your classmates during senior hall that you didn’t want to know.
  7. Receiving excess amounts of graduation party invites/ envelopes with cards full of money.
  8. Do you senior pictures early and send them in to avoid harassment from Mr. Atkins later in the year.
  9. Everyone will look funny in the cap and gown.
  10. It’s a fun time, you only get to be a senior in high school once so cherish the moments.

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