Student Life

6th Grade Atlanta Trip

by Clayton Tiller, 6th grade

Have you ever wanted to visit a place with actual stone mountains, historical sites and fun activities to do? Well, the sixth graders are going to a place with all of this and more. The sixth graders and teachers are going on a trip to visit Atlanta, Georgia on May 6-8. They will be visiting places like the Stone Mountain, the Coca-Cola Factory, and Martin Luther King Jr.’s home and burial place.

The trip will be approximately 4 hours and they will eat at several places. One of the places the sixth graders ate at last year was a Subway at a stop. They also ate at the go-cart food place with all sorts of good stuff. The next day they ate breakfast at the motel—which from Mrs.Passen’s perspective was really good. For lunch they ate at Stone Mountain. Finally, for dinner they ate at the Varsity.

The sixth graders this year will be doing one thing differently. They will be visiting the Coca-Cola Factory to try a variety of Coca-Coal products from around the world. They are very excited about it because some people didn’t even know that Coke produces different drinks from around the world. The Cokes aren’t the same as the Coke from this country. They are made with different ingredients and some look way different from others.

A lot of people enjoyed last year’s trip and they learned a lot of stuff. “I loved the trip but, my favorite part was Stone Mountain,” said Mrs. Passen. “My favorite was also Stone Mountain, and I learned a lot from when we went to Martin Luther King Jr.’s neighborhood. I am looking forward to this year also, and I can’t wait to do the rope course,” said Mrs.Hooper. Everyone is looking forward to this year’s Atlanta trip.

This year’s sixth graders are looking forward to the trip. Cavin Phung said, “I will beat everybody at go-carts, so don’t even try!” Carter Milom excitedly said,”I can’t wait to go to the Stone Mountain!” Adam Harper said”I’m excited to go to Six Flags.”

Atlanta last year was awesome last year, and kids were well behaved according to the teachers and chaperones. This year will be fun and awesome as the sixth graders go on an amazing trip to the one and only Atlanta, Georgia.

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