The Area 51 Raid

The Area 51 raid was organized in June, (as a joke) but it then went viral. When over 1 million people joined the Facebook Group, it unleashed a wave of humor and memes onto the internet. 

The Raid is planned to happen on September 20, 2019. The US Government issued a statement saying that they do not recommend that anyone tries to “raid” the base. However, the diehard conspiracy theorists seem to stick by The Raids motto: “They [US Government] can’t stop all of us.” (which they very much can)

The internet has put its own spin on the joke with the countless memes. One of the most popular is “my alien after…” referring to the fact they some are gong into the base to capture and adopt their own alien. Another popular meme is the raid plan itself. The plan involves “naruto runners,” “Kyles,” and “rock throwers.” Even popular YouTubers like Mr. Beast have released “BEA51” merch.

What will happen during the raid? No one knows. Will the raid even happen? No one knows the answer to that one either. What we do know is that the Area 51 raid will go down in history as one of the strangest things to be created on a Facebook group at 2am—ever.

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