A Continued List of Discontinued Foods/Drinks


Everyone who was an 80s/90s kid had their favorite snack when they were younger. Unfortunately, some of these snacks were discontinued and gone from shelves, only being available in other states. However, it seems like in the past couple years, companies have attempted to revive the 80s and 90s classics. Young adults, here’s a list of discontinued favorites that you may remember from your childhood that you miss or have been brought back:

Items That Have Been Brought Back: 

French Toast Crunch cereal (introduced in 1995, discontinued in 2006, revived in 2014)

Twinkies (introduced in 1930, discontinued in 2012, revived 8 months later in 2015)

Surge soda (introduced in 1996-97, discontinued in 2003, revived in 2014 on Amazon and 2015 in some stores)

Crispy M&M’s (introduced in 1999, discontinued in 2005, revived in 2015)

Crystal Pepsi (introduced in 1992-93, discontinued in 1993-94, revived in 2015 [only for a select few people])

Burger King Chicken Fries (introduced in 2005, discontinued in 2012, revived in 2014)

Wonder Ball (introduced in early 1990s, discontinued 1997, re-released 2000, discontinued again in 2004, re-released again in 2016)

Dunkaroos (inoduced in 1988, discontinued around 2012, revived in 2016 but can only be imported from Canada)

Butterfingers BB’s (introduced in 1992, discontinued in 2006, revived in 2009 under the name “Butterfinger Mini Bites”)

Vanilla Coca-Cola (introduced in 2002, discontinued in 2005, reintroduced in 2007)

Hi-C Ecto Coolers (introduced in 1987, discontinued in 2001, re-releasing in May 2016)


Permanently Discontinued Items (for now at least):

Oreo O’s cereal (introduced in 1997-98, discontinued in 2007)

Planter’s P.B. Crisps (Introduced in 1992, discontinued in 1995)

Planter’s Cheez Balls (discontinued in 2006)

Pepsi Blue (introduced mid-2002, discontinued 2004)

Vault soda (introduced 2005, discontinued 2011)

Heinz EZ Squirt colored ketchup (introduced in 2000, discontinued in 2006)

McDonald’s fried apple pies (discontinued in 1992)


As we know, there will be many snacks that people will never be able to taste, but hopefully soon, more discontinued products will be available to us in the next few years.

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