Why Everyone Should Watch Hotel Rwanda

First of all, what is Hotel Rwanda about? It is a movie that focuses on Paul Rusesabagina and his family that live in Kigali. It focuses on the Rwandan genocide, a dark part of the worlds history of intervention.

The movie starts off innocently enough. Paul is the manager of a four star hotel called the Hôtel des Mille Collines. All is well until the Hutu rebellion army starts causing trouble in the streets with marches. The Hutu are the Rwandans whom while under Dutch rule, were mistreated. the Tutsis, were the fairer, taller, more European looking Rwandans who ruled over the Hutus for years. This has led to social tension between the people of Rwanda. Paul is a Hutu and he does not carry the same resentment.
He believes his European guests are allies and will one day be able to help him in time of need. He comes to understand that his assumption was wrong.
The streets become full of murder as Hutus take up arms against the Tutsi people and begin to slaughte them with machetes and guns. Paul looks to his European to help, but he is turned away. in seek of help Paul goes to UN Col. Oliver for help. The Col. answers him with words that hit home for Paul about why the world ill not intervene, “You’re black. You’re not even a nigger. You’re an African.” Paul realizes Rwanda has been abandoned, and all his European guests are soon taken out to safety.
Paul is afraid for his family, as his wife is a tutsi, and hie neighbors who are tutsi as well.They all turned to him and the hotel for refuge but he has no means of protecting them.

This movie focuses on the struggles of the Rwandan people and how the world ignored their pleas. The movie shows detail of actual footage and actual occurrences that happened to Paul. Every minute is action packed in this historical drama. If you are hooked on what I’ve told you so far, I can garuntee you that it is only the beginning of the story. You have to watch Hotel Rwanda, it will open your mind and get you to question the government.

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