Thirteen Reasons Why You Should Watch Thirteen Reasons Why

Netflix recently released a new Netflix original called Thirteen Reasons Why. The TV show is based off of the book by Jay Asher. The story follows a guy named Clay Jensen after the sudden suicide of one of his friends, Hannah Baker. Hannah leaves behind a set of 13 tapes for each person who caused her to commit suicide.

1. The show does a good representation of the distinction between past and present.
Netflix producers have done an incredible job at showcasing this distinction with minor details in the show. During the past or flashbacks, where Hannah is still alive, the lighting is more dreary and dark. While in the present the lighting has a more warm glow and is essentially brighter. Another distinction is the fact that Clay doesn’t have a cut on his forehead in the past. Clay got the cut from falling off his bike when he is first hearing Hannah’s tapes. So therefore, whenever Clay appears in the show with the cut on his forehead, the audience is aware that the scene is set in present time.

2. The show is more relatable to a teen audience because it is set during high school.
A friend of mine always talks about how some shows are hard to get into because the characters are older and deal with different problems. During this show, most of the characters are high school students. Therefore, younger audiences can connect to some of the same problems the characters have such as; teachers, grades, peer pressure, and the loss of friends during the hard years of high school.

3. The show is easy to get into.
This show has a very unique story line that it is very easy to watch constantly. There are only thirteen episodes in the series, so it is very easy to finish.

4. The story is very unique.
A reason why this story is so popular is because no one has done a story like this before. It presents an interesting conflict and a hard resolution to accept. It also throws in the good times of high school and how they can turn bad in an instant.

5. It shows you how different someones perspective can be completely different from your own.
The way people view a certain event can impact their feelings largely from your own. In some of Hannah’s tapes, she starts off by saying something like some people may think this is a small thing, but it was big to me. This show clearly shows hows people take in things differently than others and causes you to think about how you present things to others.

6. It makes you think differently about how you say something to someone.
The show makes a point of saying you have no idea what someone is going through, and you saying one “small” thing in your mind can be the tipping point for someone else.

7. It inspires you to learn how to speak up if something is wrong.
Hannah talks about how so many people could have come out and said something was wrong, but no one did. In her last tape, she gives someone a chance to stop her from committing suicide, but they don’t. They let her walk away and didn’t seek help for her.

8. It lets you know that keeping your emotions bottled up is toxic.
We are constantly told to not let your emotions eat away at you. However, this can be a hard lesson to learn unless you know what happens in the end. Not only for Hannah, but for all the characters as well, keeping their emotions locked up was part of their downfall as a person.

9. It teaches you that not everyone is your friend.
Just because someone acts a certain way in the hallway at school, or does nice things for you, does not mean they are your friend.

10. Not all of your friends should be your friends.
Having friends and people to talk to is a necessity in life. However, not everyone you talk to should be your friend.

11. The characters in the show portray all sorts of people from different back grounds.
Not only did the producers pick actors who all look different, act different, and have different backgrounds, but they portray the different characters so well. They truly live the story as if it was their own.

12. Netflix makes you feel what the characters feel.
The producers of this show leave no detail left out, even if it’s a hard topic to talk about. They don’t beat around the bush and make you figure out what happens. You know what happens and how it happens. It is almost as if you can feel how they felt.

13. This show teaches you about subjects no one wants to talk about.
Suicide is a hard subject to talk about, especially suicide among kids. Not only does the show talk about hard topics like suicide, but also topics such as sexual assault, bullying, and the tragic deaths of class mates and friends.

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