Grilled Cheese Doughnuts at Tom and Chee

So, have you ever wanted to cut a doughnut in half but some cheese in it then grill it? Well the people at Tom and Chee have already done it and it is as sweet as it is cheesy.

They also serve tomato soup but I am pretty sure that is for people afraid to try the grilled cheese. Now, they don’t have just grilled cheese doughnut—that’s just what their known for. They serve plenty of other regular grilled cheese along with a lot of options to add stuff to it, like what cheese you prefer.

They also don’t cheap-out on the doughnuts they use because they use Krispy Kreme doughnuts—at least thats what I’ve heard. Personally I like their s’mores doughnut which is a doughnut cut in half and stuffed with chocolate, gram crackers, and marshmallow fluff; but I don’t recommend it if you don’t have a sweet tooth—otherwise its going to be way to sweet for you.

They are also pretty quick which I would hope for when you’re only ordering a grilled cheese per person and, yes, one could fill you up they are that good. You can also order ahead and come pick it up so you can be in a nearby store and think “I want something quick to eat but not McDonald’s or something like that.” Then, hey, you can call ahead and pick it up on your way home.

I also recommend this to any seniors in NCS going out to lunch if you want a quick lunch then go here and get your fill then rush back to school to get that homework done that you never did in the first place. Also this is not sponsored I just went here and really enjoyed it. So, if you live near one checkout their menu and go try that grilled cheese doughnut.

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