Week 2 Eagle Jacks

On Friday August 25, the NCS varsity football team traveled to Battle Ground Academy for their 2nd game of the season. The Eagles hoped to really bounce back after the upset lost in their first game of the season against Columbia Academy 28-14.

A day before the football game Coach Brothers told the team, “In World War 2 somebody needed to step up and make the nuclear bomb.” He also said, “Somebody had to get to the moon first—France or the US.” This was his way of telling the team we needed players to step up and make some plays.

A couple of key starters were out at the beginning of the game in the first quarter. The team got off to a slow start as BGA scored two touchdowns in the first quarter.

But then in the second quarter both of the teams scored but the Eagles missed the extra point. The Eagles ended up trailing 21-6 at the half.

Then, in the second half, the Eagles scored another touchdown in the 3rd quarter but did not score in the 4th quarter. So, it was too late as the Eagles lost 21-13.

This week the Eagles will be on the road again and travel to Fayetteville Academy on Friday September 1st.

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