Student Life

Blood Drive

On August 31, 2017 people gave blood at Nashville Christian School from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. for hospitals that were short of blood because of all of the disasters that had happened. Teachers and students were greatly encouraged to give blood. Even parents were greatly encouraged to come to Nashville Christian and give blood at the Blood Drive.

Students were able to sign up for the Blood Drive and also got to choose what time they wanted as long as their teachers were told what time they will be giving blood. If adults went to go give blood they were allowed to cut in front of the students that were waiting to give blood. Athletes were not allowed to give blood since they either had a game the next day or they had practice that day.

Kennedy Nichols, junior, said, “I did a read you pass online. I sat and waited until I got brought back into a private area and the nurse asked me about health questions and then they put me down on a gurney and they had to feel for my vein and they stuck a needle into my vein and took my blood.”

Mitchell Hovey, junior, said, “They gave me apple juice and orange juice to drink and when you were done you got to choose what kind of snack you wanted, like Oreos and Cheez-its.”

Nashville Christian parents said, they more than happy to come to Nashville Christian School to give blood for people who need it and for the hospitals after the disasters that had happened.


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